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This pest gets its name from its silver to brown, metallic appearance and fish-like shape and movements. Silverfish have no wings, but can run very fast and are often mistaken for cockroaches because they are seen scurrying away quickly at night when the lights come on.. They hide from humans which means damage they have caused might go unnoticed as well.

Silverfish have an oval, elongated body, tail-like appendages and are usually about 3/4 inches long, six legs and antennae.

They feed on paper items, glue, clothing and food items such as flour and rolled oats. So they can contaminate food and damage items such as books and wall paper. Silverfish can sometimes live up to a year without food, and they require a high humidity environment such as bathrooms, kitchens, and attics.

Silverfish may come into your home when you bring boxes inside that were stored in an infested area. They may also come into your home in search of moisture during hot, dry summers. Silverfish can enter your home through cracks or holes.

Prevention includes dehumidifying, keeping pipes and drains in good order,repairing moldy wood and storing books and magazines in dry areas. It is also necessary to keep food items such as flour and sugar in air-tight storage containers.


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